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The Fire Station is best known for our knowledgeable and friendly staff. Each and every employee has training in the wide variety of products TFS has to offer, and they’re eager to help you find the right cannabis solution to suit your goals.

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Our customer service philosophy is all about lighting up your day with friendly, knowledgeable support. Whether you’re new to cannabis or a canna-sseur, at TFS, you’ll be treated like a part of the Fire Fam from day one.

Michael CarlsonMichael Carlson
01:58 21 Jul 24
Firstly , the space is beautiful. Brand new building . The young woman who greeted me was so friendly and laughed at my dumb joke. Then I got to work with Nate. He is amazing. So kind. And efficient. And I love that he gave subtle professional recommendations. That’s true selling not just clerking. He is a credit to the store . Fast friendly and good products. You are my go to .
20:53 20 Jul 24
1st time customer today. Got some amazing carts for a good price. I will be back soon.
Gabrielle HruskaGabrielle Hruska
19:31 20 Jul 24
Love Natedawg!! Great and helpful!!!
Mike DillardMike Dillard
16:51 20 Jul 24
It's OK. Same selection as everyone else. But they made me leave and come back for separate orders. I wasted to much time 2 hours!!. I won't be back. To many other places to choose from. They don't ever offer a first time discount.
Michael BuhlerMichael Buhler
00:24 20 Jul 24
I went to the fire station in Ironwood MI, and spoke to a bud-tender named Gabe. It was my first time to a dispensary and he hooked me up big time! Walked me through the selection and gave his own recommendations based off what he’s tried, and what he suggested ended up being my favorites out of all my purchases. Definitely coming back to the fire station next time
Kaylee FifieldKaylee Fifield
01:14 15 Jul 24
Nate Dawgg was so nice helping us, kept great conversation and got us a great deal.
Mike WagesMike Wages
23:28 14 Jul 24
Lake was very helpful and i'm very polite person
20:42 14 Jul 24
Second time making the trip and it never disappoints! 🙂
Dana DeMeioDana DeMeio
01:32 14 Jul 24
Nikki was my budtender and words can’t even describe how awesome she was! Sooooo super friendly and extremely knowledgeable, she had great recommendations and suggestions for a variety of items and products. I would recommend Nikki’s assistance to anybody! Very clean and organized facility, prices were great, just overall very impressed with my experience and products!
Max GlobenskyMax Globensky
15:11 13 Jul 24
Speedy service, educated and customer focused staff - Fire Station brings the Fire! My guy Nate Dawg, arguably the best budtender I’ve ever dealt with, is a G so helpful and only the best recommendations! Go see these mfers!!
Jarek JensenJarek Jensen
21:31 12 Jul 24
Shenoa was extremely sweet, knowledgeable and patient
Tanya MayTanya May
21:11 12 Jul 24
SQUEALZZZZ ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥Amazing building, great product for price and awesome staff! Nikki is fire!🔥considerate, knowledgeable, super helpful and always hilarious 💋 such outstanding service! It is always pleasure to see that beautiful smile! Much love to you! 😍♥️
Jenill PattersonJenill Patterson
22:08 07 Jul 24
Awesome experience. Nate was the best!!!
Great experience with Nate dawgggg
Jill AimoneJill Aimone
20:36 07 Jul 24
Nikki was super helpful, and kind. Thank you!
Joel StubbeJoel Stubbe
15:13 07 Jul 24
As a new customer and first time purchaser, I felt very comfortable. My questions and concerns were answered professionally. I welcome anyone with questions to give The Fire Station a chance to help your well-being.
Ashley HartAshley Hart
02:10 07 Jul 24
There was a line going outside so it was kinda busy, but when you go inside and see the prices, specials, and quality of product, no wonder it was busy. The only down fall is minimal parking near the building. All of the employees were wonderful, helpful, and kind to make suggestions.
Hilary WrightHilary Wright
00:54 07 Jul 24
Excellent service throughout the entire visit.They have a vast selection of all products. The flower, however, samples are under glass in display cases so one could actually examine and smell it if they chose instead of being handed a package of hope it’s good. I’d like to give a shout out to David and Sophia, another gal checked me out one day too and I either didn’t get hername.or very well may have forgotten it. I’m sure we will see each other again soon and I will post my accolades then. They now have a contest going on where you can put your name in n every time you visit and the winner gets free weed for a year! I would die: I am definitely getting less at a time and going more often, I want to increase my odds, that would rock. Thanks!!
Jesse BueJesse Bue
20:44 06 Jul 24
Great setup really like the way the have stuff out. Very knowledgeable and friendly.
Lauren SandersonLauren Sanderson
17:19 06 Jul 24
Amazing and friendly people!
Jessica DehlerJessica Dehler
14:57 06 Jul 24
Nate was absolutely amazing! Very knowledgeable and patient. He made the experience so enjoyable! This was my first time at the Fire Station, and because of his service, I’ll definitely be going back!
03:01 01 Jul 24
Great experience, great service. Bee was terrific 👍
23:44 30 Jun 24
David and Nikki were so great! Can’t wait to come back!
John LJohn L
22:41 30 Jun 24
First time at this location! Unbelievable customer service! 5 star all the way!!! I found a new home! Thanks Nate Daugg
Don AhoDon Aho
12:42 30 Jun 24
Overall amazing experience! Fast, friendly, SUPER easy with online ordering and my budtender Suz S. Was AWESOME!! Got me all setup with the rewards program and was just super friendly! Highly recommend between staff and the company!!!
Ala BoutitAla Boutit
05:27 30 Jun 24
Bud tenders and check in clerk always awesome.... A specific shout out to Suz. S and Bee for taking the time to fix my points and make sure I had the best smoking experience possible.. also a big shout out to Nate Doug and Sierrax again wonderful bud tenders in all aspects.... I appreciate the positivity and I hope to continue the journey forward... thanks everyone.... hey y'all another great visit today and special thanks to Shay for bringing my account up to date and making my points available for use... thanks again 😀🤗💯👌
Kevin RasmussenKevin Rasmussen
21:58 29 Jun 24
I love this store, everybody is so friendly and helpful. Today I had Cece she did such an amazing job she took the time to help with any questions I had, absolutely an amazing sales person. I would 100% recommend this store to anyone.
Gary KoskeyGary Koskey
18:48 29 Jun 24
Suz S. did amazing!!
Alex La SieurAlex La Sieur
16:33 29 Jun 24
Veronica BaileyVeronica Bailey
22:27 23 Jun 24
I got helped by Bianca and she was so kind and helpful! She was excellent at showing me products and good deals. The quality and pricing is really great. 10/10 recommend. I will definitely be back in the future and hope to be helped by Bianca more. She is very easy to talk to and really pleasant. The guy at the front desk (i believe his name was Owen) was very nice and it was an easy and fast process to get to the back. It's very clean and the lighting is great. They have very nice quality of all products.
Bill FoxleyBill Foxley
20:53 23 Jun 24
Drove to the U.P today from Mn. 176 miles one way. Saw a bear and deer. 100.00 oz’s make it worth the drive! Plus other goodies. I went to the FIRESTATION!! They are the best for a reason. Please support these amazing people. Best bang for the buck. I’m a Michigan Boy! All the way! Beautiful people! Products! Facilities!🤩
April TApril T
16:02 23 Jun 24
Love being able to see and smell flower. Products out on display to make shopping easier. Super friendly staff. Great deals. My new favorite shop
jared baylissjared bayliss
00:35 23 Jun 24
Fast and friendly. Some of the best deals around. Great selection. "HIGHLY" recommended
Elizabeth SeiberlichElizabeth Seiberlich
18:27 22 Jun 24
Such a professional place. We had Nate Dawg he was very personable and didn't mind answering questions and providing suggestions
Anthony SAnthony S
05:42 21 Jun 24
Yet another great experience here again, mega shout out to Nate Dawg for his amazing customer service and helping me out. Explained certain products in depth and was very helpful. Definitely keeps me coming back
T RarT Rar
21:52 19 Jun 24
Great buds and great display
MaryJo HarrisMaryJo Harris
14:01 19 Jun 24
I had a great time shopping with my Budtender David! He was very helpful answering all my many questions! The Fire Station has a pretty sweet set up with how you can look at & to smell the buds they have!!! This was my first visit and I’m sure I’ll be back again!!
Andy BAndy B
00:46 18 Jun 24
Extremely friendly staff! Marissa was fast to help and find what I needed and got me on my way. Super happy I don't have to drive as far now to visit as well!
Lucas RitchieLucas Ritchie
15:52 17 Jun 24
Wonderful people! Very helpful!
Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson
00:45 16 Jun 24
Shenoa and Nikki were both incredibly friendly and informative! 10/10 (sign up for the rewards program and you will get $10 off your first purchase 🥳✨)I went back today a few weeks later and had the absolute pleasure of meet Sue S! Absolutely wonderful, customer service, very helped and help me with everything that I needed! I believe the general manager was also there today and she seemed extremely nice and really involved! The front desk receptionist was also fabulous and super kind to make sure we were all signed up for the rewards program! 10/10
Alexander HolmAlexander Holm
23:06 11 Jun 24
Amazing people, amazing store- you can actually look and smell the products on display. Didn’t feel pressured or sold into buying anything I didn’t want. Overall very helpful and knowledgeable staff.
Eleanor TizianiEleanor Tiziani
23:01 11 Jun 24
Wonderful place, did not have to wait long. Kai B. was such a nice and welcoming employee! She was so friendly and helpful! Highly recommended
Erika CErika C
05:05 09 Jun 24
Instantly cool vibes walking in with the beautiful art on the walls. Front desk lady was friendly. Getting in the store area we were directed to a register and greeted by Nate dawg. He was so fun to shop with, very cool personality and kept the jokes coming. He has a positive energy and was able to answer all our questions quickly. The product is just as he described as far as the effects, he really knows his stuff! Loved the store and the experience and the product and prices of course I’ll be shopping here!
Suz SabecSuz Sabec
16:41 04 Jun 24
I love the Fire Station! They have the best assortment of products and the best quality for the prices! The energy and vibes are all positive and we know good vibes attract other good vibes! Unlike the other dispensaries in Ironwood, I love how The Fire Station focuses on it's customers and their satisfaction rather than how quickly they move customers in and out of the store! Best dispensary in town! 🔥🔥🔥
Kyle HelfensteinKyle Helfenstein
22:47 30 May 24
Fantastic service and probably the best location in the UP I've visited thus far! David was my budtender and was great about answering all my questions and providing a quick, seamless checkout that allowed me to get what I needed with ease. Also the attendant checking people in was fabulous too, I didn't get a chance to grab their name but on 05/29 later in the day, was super friendly and welcoming. Hopefully I'll pass through here again sometime soon!
Rex Khronic PRex Khronic P
04:19 12 May 24
Store was nice, being a new build was rather to be expected. Fresh open so a lot of the shelves were empty but I’m sure with due time they will fill up. Not disappointed with the current selection. All bud is pre packed. This was an issue because until after I got home realized it was packaged in November of 2023, it is currently May of 2024… I paid $70 for a quarter of Glitter Bomb which looks and smells amazing, but the buds age showed with its dryness and the way it crumbled into dust upon a light squeeze finger grinding… I asked for a few specific grams of concentrates but again when I got home realized my tender grabbed the wrong one.
Kim SappKim Sapp
15:51 11 May 24
Holy cow, this place is fantastic! All of the employees were extremely friendly and happy, knowledgeable and patient. We went on Grand Opening Day, shortly after they opened and everyone was excited! Sophia, the bud-tender is an amazing human, helpful and provided one of the best experiences we’ve ever had at a dispensary.
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