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Welcome to The Fire Station Marquette!

Our recreational dispensary location in Marquette is conveniently located in the heart of downtown. This location offers in-store shopping and curbside pickup for recreational cannabis. For curbside pickup, park in the alley next to our building and check-in. For in-store shopping, parking spaces are located directly behind our building.

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The Fire Station is best known for our knowledgeable and friendly staff. Each and every employee has training in the wide variety of products TFS has to offer, and they’re eager to help you find the right cannabis solution to suit your goals.

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Gianna FerraroGianna Ferraro
05:43 17 Oct 22
I recently attended the Fire Station festival Camp Cannabis. I have a diverse background in event planning and marketing and I was blown away by their execution. As a festival goer, I thought the music, food vendors, and ticket sign in process was awesome. On top of the main attractions, they had a broad range of activities lined up. I enjoyed a painting class, yoga, a comedy act, a silent disco and an art market. The event organizers were knowledgeable and friendly, and you could tell the group of people who came to the event we’re so happy to be there. Big thank you to TFS team for a great weekend. I’ll definitely be coming back next year!
Lisa Lemm-KoesterLisa Lemm-Koester
23:29 07 Sep 22
The Fire Station ROCKS!!! The staff is so helpful and knowledgeable. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. It's not just one of the stores, I've been to 3 different stores and the compliment is to the entire franchise. Love you all!!!
21:35 21 Aug 22
I am a huge supporter of our constitutional rights. If we don't use them we WILL lose them. I was saddened to see how you treated someone recording on the public sidewalk. I feel like it was a waste of city resources to call the police. If you take your customers privacy seriously, why is your business downtown with the front facing a public sidewalk? It's not okay to treat people so poorly that are traveling across our country standing for our first amendment rights. Being in the business that you are, you should understand and respect that. That being said, officer Braun handled it perfectly and is a wonderful officer. I am glad he is getting recognition for doing the right thing. Please try to do better if this ever happens again. Our rights are under attack more now than ever and we need to stand in unity.
20:52 02 Aug 22
One of the first shops we visited downtown and loved it. Fabulous staff and always helpful. Recently visited and there is a guy working the counter who’s behavior is rude. This is the second time I thought the first time was a one off. Being talked down to, condescending and short. This is not how you should to treat customers. I do feel better to see I’m not alone about the way I was treated.
T.C. LandersT.C. Landers
17:52 28 Jul 22
This place is awesome! They provide a very enthusiastic and inviting environment. Quincy, Jon, and Dylan, exemplify the meaning of true customer service!
Paul DornquastPaul Dornquast
13:54 26 Jul 22
Always a good experience when I stop in for pick up. Nice, clean shop and friendly staff. I very much miss a product you used to carry called "Moon Rocks". Any chance of bringing Moon Rocks back? Pretty Please?
19:43 23 Jul 22
Is it illegal to record on the sidewalk. No its not, but employees think the opposite. Please educate . Lets be clear. This has nothing to do customer security privacy or protection. Its a public space outside and if customers want privacy they cannot expect it in a public area or when in their cars in public. If the owner responds telling me the employees have been trained on the 1st ammendment, i will update this 1 star to a 5 star. We all make mistakes
Review deleted because the business cannot stomach being called out for poor practice?Sad.This store will not only never get a dime of my business, but we'll make certain others know as well.Learn to deal with public photography.Edited 06/29/2022:Note the response from the owner six days later. The first comment I left was DELETED (why?).After the second comment, six days later, the response is what I take to be somewhat passive aggressive. They aren't going to address the actions displayed by their employees, but instead will leave a pithy comment.Folks, vote with your dollars.
Gym EGym E
04:04 20 Jun 22
Rude employees . Stay inside, do your job. Which is not to worry about what people are doing on the sidewalk not on your property.I'm a medical patient, and would never spend my money with people that treat members of the public that way.
16:55 19 Jun 22
My weed had a bud filled with 11 yes 11 seeds. So I tried the place across the street and they wouldnt sell me anything because this shop told them not to. Who is running this place? I have seen minors enter and not get ID'd. Like seriously do BETTER!!
Joseph MorehouseJoseph Morehouse
15:01 13 Jun 22
I'm visiting from Cali so I was a bit worried about the quality of herb here in Michigan. Prices are a bit higher than back home but the bud is FIRE! VERY friendly staff, also very knowledgeable. Very clean bud shop. Overall VERY pleased with my experience. Just made vacation a 100% better!
02:51 08 Jun 22
Quincy and Dan two great guys helped me out pick out some really good bud I appreciate you guys alot thanks very friendly and helpful
Dana ChristensenDana Christensen
20:16 10 May 22
The dudes working beyond check-in were rude to my dad and couldn’t be bothered to interact with us. They only directed us to us their iPad interface, which left much to be desired. Bad vibes! Went across the street to Higher Love and the people there were a lot more friendly and helpful. Would recommend that spot over the Fire Station any day.
Tim RalstonTim Ralston
02:06 24 Apr 22
Always a pleasure shopping here. We shopped a few other places, for a while, and happily, landed here. Honest and knowledgeable. Relaxed and always right on the mark with their insight. Special thanks to Jaclyn, Hailey and Sir Tom!. We will see you next time!
Chuck SteinerChuck Steiner
20:00 11 Apr 22
Matt, Jacob, Robert and Evan were all extremely helpful and every time I’ve had an issue with a product they replaced it no questions asked and The points you build up when you make Purchases is also nice, highly recommended
kelly shawkelly shaw
12:30 26 Mar 22
I used to think the place was good but after last night's service I will never go back I waited 20 minutes from my order because they didn't tell me to park in the alley they decided not to bring my order out to me and closed left me sitting in the parking lot with nothing in there makeup for it was was come back tomorrow will give you a free pre-rolled because we didn't see you what kind of business is that terrible terrible terrible terrible never again and I will tell everybody about this
Joe WelchJoe Welch
13:49 08 Mar 22
best store in the area, they have competitive options that do not suffer in quality. I like to keep my eye out for the offerings from Superior Selections and I also recently picked up the cherry punch with a generous bulk price break and the quality of the flower is great, no seedy popcorn nugs!
Mackenzie SchuenemannMackenzie Schuenemann
19:04 26 Feb 22
First trips to any dispensary ever this weekend and have to say my experience at The Fire Station had an extremely great first impression. Quincy R. and Jacob T. went above and beyond to make it an extremely enjoyable experience. The building is very relaxed, large and bright. I definitely will be back!
don olsondon olson
01:01 23 Feb 22
awsome service, very helpful and upbeat. very clean and well set up. This will be my first choice.
O'Neilly TronnO'Neilly Tronn
23:14 14 Feb 22
Always a great experience at TFS! Dylan and Tanner both were very professional and recommended great strains that fit exactly what I was looking for. Cya next time!
Paul FultonPaul Fulton
22:39 13 Feb 22
The best. Every time I go in there it gets better. I've been to a few other and they are good. But hands down the fire house is the best all around. Lower prices and the best rewards.
Hunter HannulaHunter Hannula
02:30 03 Dec 21
Wonderful service and always a fun experience talking to the staff, truly open, kind, and friendly people, and to top it all off was an unexpected dose of wisdom. I believe Dan, Quincy, Jacob, and Alex, were helping me (hope I got that all right!) And they were incredibly accommodating of all of my needs and questions. Thank you guys so much!
Keone BeaulieuKeone Beaulieu
22:56 22 Nov 21
Very nice store. Clean and bright. Friendly, helpful employees. Everyone is always happy and smiling.... (wonder why? Lol) Doesn't seem to be alot of strains of flower for a pot shop. My favorite shop back in Colorado had 20-30 different strains at any given time. I think they had around 15 strains available give or take. Good selection of edibles! Parking lot is southwest of the building across the street but there is a curbside pick up directly behind the building. I havent used this service but it's seems polished enough. Employees wear high vis vests when working outside for curbside. Prices are high in Michigan! Seems between 20 and 100 percent higher than Colorado prices on most things. They carry a few products (like marys medicinals) that are basically the same price whenever you go and I was glad to see that! I like edibles. Some of the products they carry aren't very good. I bought some hard candies that were melted together and couldn't get it out of the bottle without smashing them into thousands of tiny pieces. I havent been in Michigan long enough to know the best edible companies here yet, but so far I've only gotten a few things that weren't very good from here. They are cash only as of yet which is kind of a pain. Back home most dispos run a POS system and they charge you a dollar to basically run cash back but without the extra steps for the customer.
mat kazikmat kazik
19:58 01 Nov 21
It was an amazing experience as soon as you walk in and even better the dispensary doesn’t look like your local dry and boring DMV!! If you’re ready to get some real medicine at a reasonable price then find Jacob at the fire station in Marquette and you’ll never regret giving it a try! So what are you still doing looking at this review!? Get up and get stoned the right way! ♥️
Jaime ZehnerJaime Zehner
14:57 23 Oct 21
Had an amazing experience at The Fire Station! Jacob was knowledgeable in all products and had a great attitude. The overall visit was very positive and my friends and I will be back again to see Jacob, Dan, Alex, and Taylor! Thanks guys! Glad you liked the goodies 😍
Hunter WisemanHunter Wiseman
23:22 22 Oct 21
I have been shopping here for a while and every time has been a good experience all around. The good vibes hit you as soon as you walk in the door along with the killer esthetics. I am always full of questions and the staff is always able to answer them especially the young man named Jacob. Was trying to ease some nausea from a long night out and he pointed me to just the right flower, I was instantly relieved. Great place great people!
Lili MastersLili Masters
21:47 22 Oct 21
I went in not knowing much so I was nervous I wouldn’t leave with something I liked. But Jacob was so helpful and understood exactly what I wanted. Very knowledgeable guy I was impressed. Definitely will be back!
Operation Freedom VanOperation Freedom Van
21:32 02 Sep 20
What a cool experience. These guys just opened up on Monday and they are wisely taking lots of precautions around cleanliness - masks and distancing. All of the displays are clean and new ♥️You do have the ability to smell the flower, which is a MUST. Not everyone on the floor is knowledgeable yet. There was a younger gal on the floor that didn't know what terpenes were, which is unusual. Lily ended up helping us out. She seemed more knowledgeable. 5 ⭐s for Lily. This state doesn't test for terps but it is nice that you can smell for yourself.Tax here is CHEAP! We travel and see dispensaries all over the US and no one's taxes are quiet this low. Yay! We love that they offer discounts for vets 🇺🇸We got the Mendo Breathe and took some photos. It's a good indica.I'm so grateful to experience such a clean, upscale retail. Check out the photos and then come in! We see dispensaries all over the USA, this one makes top 10.
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