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North Coast Cultivators Launch

Marquette’s First Cannabis Growing Operation to Launch Products at The Fire Station

North Coast Cultivators sold exclusively at The Fire Station Cannabis Company

North Coast Cultivators products to be sold exclusively at all The Fire Station Cannabis Company locations.

The Fire Station is stocking their shelves with cannabis flower from the City of Marquette’s first recreational cannabis farm, North Coast Cultivators.

“Supporting Upper Peninsula growers is extremely important to us as a U.P. brand,” shared TFS CEOs Logan Stauber and Stosh Wasik in a joint statement. “We believe North Coast and The Fire Station are trailblazers in the Marquette area when it comes to cannabis. North Coast as the city’s first grow operation, and TFS as the county’s first cannabis retailer.” 

The Fire Station and North Coast Cultivators are owned and operated by Marquette locals who have a passion for bringing all that the cannabis plant and cannabis culture have to offer into the community.

“We are excited to be exclusively working with The Fire Station because they were one of the first cannabis companies in the area. Their staff have been so inviting and helping with our start here in Marquette,” shared North Coast Cultivation co-owner, Meghan Poglese. “I believe we both have such a love and appreciation for this community and being able to help each other gives many opportunities for potential joint community projects.” 

Mark your calendars!

The Fire Station will carry North Coast Cultivators cannabis flower at all of its locations beginning mid-August 2022. 

North Coast Cultivation will be hosting a launch party at the Ore Dock Brewing Company in Marquette, Michigan on August 20, 2022 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. The event is open to members of the public ages 21 and up.

Q&A with North Coast Cultivators Co-Founder, Meghan Poglese

I started growing in Humboldt, California when I was 20 but have been involved in the industry since I was 18.

I believe the uniqueness of our farm is that my cultivation manager Tom Williams and myself were both outdoor farmers on the west coast for the majority of our careers, so we are trying to bring that west coast traditional culture here with growing in our hand mixed live soil recipes Tom has been developing throughout his career. Along with creating our own nutrient feeding regimen with compost teas to create a biologically diverse growing medium.

Tom has had a history with indoor crops, however I have predominantly been growing full sun crops and light deprivation greenhouses.

My passion for cannabis and the industry started very young. I was one of the few and one of the lucky ones who had the opportunity to grow up, as in my early 20’s in the mountains of California. Learning how to grow from the old-timers of the generation before me, hearing and learning the stories and that started the culture and community of cannabis as it was begging and getting to learn the history of this amazing community.

Being able to learn and build farms and communities and learn from farm owners who had farmed since the 60’s and watching the industry change and grow over the past decade has fueled my love for this plant, this medicine and the culture and family that comes with it.

It has been my entire life and I could never imagine myself not growing and providing such a beautiful medicine and community we get to provide along with it. There are endless things to learn, and with passion comes the motivation to continue to push yourself to grow not only better plants but grow and be able to help the community around you with it.

We decided to grow in Marquette because I lived here for 4 years during my high school years before moving to the west to begin my cannabis career. My twin brother Ethan Poglese is one of the owners of the business as well, so it was a draw to move back to be near my family.

As well as living on the great lake superior, which reminds me of home back living on the ocean I knew I could build my vision of combining my west coast positivity, culture and high organic standards to this area.

We are excited to be exclusively working with the fire station because they were one of the first cannabis companies in Marquette and have been so inviting and helping with our start here in Marquette as we are the first recreational cannabis farm located in city limits.

I believe we both have such a love and appreciation for this community and being able to help each other gives many opportunities for potential community projects we at north coast are excited to be able to take on as we progress as a company.

At this point in time we will be selling flower/ bud and soon to be pre-rolled joints. We may develop down the road and become more diverse but as always we are focused on our quality, a clean product, and a happy customer.

Our soil and nutrient recipes have been producing some smooth great tasting flowers and we would like to focus on growing some of the highest quality buds the Marquette has had the opportunity to smoke.

Our farm currently has a Instagram to follow the progress of our farm at @north_coast_cultivators

Meet the team

Logan Stauber, The Fire Station Cannabis Company owner
Logan Stauber, TFS CEO/Owner
Stosh Wasik, The FIre Station Cannabis Company owner
Stosh Wasik, TFS CEO/Owner
Megan Pogles, North Coast Cultivators
Meghan Poglese, NCC Co-Founder

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