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Shopping at The Fire Station Dispensary: What to Expect

Whether you’re shopping for legal cannabis for the first time, or just stopping by for your first Fire Station experience, it is always  helpful to come prepared!

This article will help you understand our process, state rules/regulations, as well as some helpful tips for shopping online, in-store and picking up curbside. The Fire Station Cannabis Company is a fully licensed Medical and Adult-Use (recreational) cannabis retailer operating in the Upper Peninsula. We currently have two locations open to serve you at this time. Our Houghton and Sault Ste. Marie locations are also featured below, but we do not have projected opening dates just yet. To shop with us, we ask that you please wear a mask at all times and practice social distancing to keep our communities safe. We’re all in this together! For a complete list of locations, check here!

IDs & Medical Marijuana Cardholders

When picking up your order curbside or shopping in-store, you will be asked to show proof of a valid, government-issued photo ID and/or a valid, unexpired Medical marijuana card. Proper identification must be shown EVERY time, regardless of if we have a copy on file. We will scan your ID with a ‘Nug Scanner’, which will check the validity and start an account within our POS system. This account is different from the account needed to place an online order request. We will ask for your phone number as well, solely for product recalls and related issues. For Medical customers, a phone number is required in order to join our Medical Loyalty Program. We will not contact you with promotions, announcements, etc. unless you subscribe to our emails or opt-into our VIP Text Club, which you can join by clicking the ‘Join’ tab located on the right side of your screen or following the link below.

Join our VIP Text Club

Purchasing Limits

  • Medical – must show physical proof of valid, unexpired Medical marijuana card + physical proof of valid, government-issued photo ID
    2.5 ounces per day per registered qualifying patient, 10 ounces/30 days per registered qualifying patient
    Medical Caregivers: Must show proof of valid, unexpired Caregiver card and valid, unexpired Medical cards for each patient
  • Adult-Use (Recreational) – must show physical proof of valid, government-issued photo ID
    2.5 ounces per single transaction, or 15 grams of marijuana concentrate
    Edibles are calculated by the net weight of each package.

MRA Purchasing Limits Bulletin

Michigan Tax Rates

Did you know, the state of Michigan boasts one of the nation’s cheapest taxes on Recreational cannabis? That’s right! Oregon imposes an excise tax of 17%, while Washington comes in at a whopping 37%! Newly legal states in 2020 are currently in the process of setting tax rates.

  • 6% MI Sales Tax
  • 10% MI Excise Tax – not placed on Medical products

** Medical marijuana cardholders receive a 10% discount on Recreational products at The Fire Station Cannabis Co

For more information regarding MI tax laws, check out the resource below.
RAB 2019-17 Taxation of Recreational Marihuana

How-to: Place an Online Order Request

It is best practice to browse our live menus before planning a trip. For our Negaunee shop, we ask that you please submit an online order request as we are Curbside Pick Up and Home Delivery only at this location. It is especially helpful to place an online order request if you are traveling a distance and have your heart set on certain products. Online order requests are reserved until the end of the following day and packed by our staff to ensure you receive the desired products.

  1. To place an order, please select the desired location menu on our website.
    1. Note that our Negaunee location has both a Recreational (Adult-Use) and Medical menu
  2.  Review informational menu banner
  3. Add products to cart Our Negaunee location will ask if you are interested in Pick Up or Delivery.
    1. Full Delivery details can be found below the Negaunee menu towards the bottom of the page.
  4. View cart *Sales tax will be added at checkout*
  5. Click ‘Proceed to Checkout’
  6. To continue, please login to your Dutchie account. Don’t have one? Click the ‘Signup’ link.
    1. Provide necessary information and click ‘Create account’
  7. Upload proof of ID
    1. If you do not see an option to do this, please visit, log into your account and edit your account settings. A recent error within the Dutchie system is currently excluding this option for certain customers.
  8. Review ‘Type’ and ‘Payment’ – Medical customers – check ‘I have a state issued medical marijuana card’ and provide:
    1. Medical card number
    2. Medical card expiration
    3. Medical card state
    4. Upload proof of medical marijuana card
  9. Review order summary and provide special instructions if necessary
    1. The special instructions section can be used to provide travel or home delivery details, notify budtenders of a discount and communicate general information to our staff. Please feel free to give us a call as well.
  10. View order total – discounts
    1. Employee, Senior, Veteran and Medical discounts are available but are only redeemable by your budtender. Please see Negaunee and Marquette menu banners for full details.
  11. Place order
    1. Online orders have the option to receive text updates, which can be toggled ON/OFF on the order prompt window that appears after placing an order. We are now able to offer two-way communication via a web-based chat sent as a link through text. This is how we will communicate with customers regarding any order/product issues.

Text updates will keep you updated on the status of your order. If order is placed during business hours, it will normally take us less than 15 minutes to complete. Any orders placed after hours will not be processed until we open at 9AM. If you do not receive a final text notifying you that your order is ready, please contact the desired location and our receptionist would be happy to assist you. It is not uncommon for our menu provider to experience technical difficulties.

**Please keep in mind all orders are held until the end of the following day.


Tip #1
To ensure the safety of our employees, we ask that all customers wear a mask whether shopping in-store, picking up curbside or accepting a home delivery. We cannot serve you if you are not wearing a mask.

Tip #2
It is always helpful to inform our budtenders and curbside workers if you are redeeming a discount or replacement product in person or online via the ‘Special Instructions’ section.

Tip #3
Always double-check your order BEFORE leaving a Fire Station location. We are required by the State to seal all exit bags, but customers are able to open their exit bag and ensure all products are accounted for. It is best to ensure your online order request receipt matches the POS receipt. Please note product names may not be exactly the same.

Tip #4
For time-sensitive issues, it is best to call the desired location instead of sending a Facebook/Instagram message or email. Our receptionists can assist you and connect you with the Manager on Duty if needed.

Tip #5
Don’t hesitate to ask a budtender what products they are currently trying! We encourage our employees to try a variety of products so that they are able to make accurate recommendations.

Tip #6
Due to COVID-19 we now offer fee-free delivery within the greater Marquette area! Input your address at checkout to see if your residential address qualifies. Orders must be $75 (before tax) to qualify.


To stay connected, join our VIP Text Club, subscribe to our emails and follow us on social media. Questions, comments and concerns are always welcome. For the most accurate information, please contact our administration team at

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Age Verification

You must be 18+ and hold a valid medical marijuana card or be 21+ to enter.

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In-Store and Curbside Pick Up Only! **CASH ONLY**


Recreational Only – Must be 21+ with valid government-issued photo ID


All valid Medical Marihuana cardholders get 10% OFF Recreational products – must show valid Medical Marihuana card & valid ID. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

*SENIORS (65+)

Get 10% OFF – Must show ID. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.


Get 10% OFF – Must show ID. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.


-Please be respectful of our neighbors and do not park in their lots.

-Walk-in customers can park in the dirt lot behind Northern Hydroponics if there is space. Otherwise, please use the metered downtown street parking or other legal parking options including the downtown parking lots.


-Please have the appropriate amount of cash and a government-issued photo ID ready when you arrive. The 4 parking space behind our building will be designated for those who wish to order curbside, but have not yet placed an order. Our alleyway is reserved for those who have already placed a curbside pick up order. Please note that we are only able to fit 2-3 vehicles in this space. When exiting the alleyway you will only be able to turn right.