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Meet Marsha Moffett, General Manager at The Fire Station Hannahville

Marsha Moffett began employment at The Fire Station Cannabis Co. as a Receptionist at the Negaunee location in October 2019. Now, she’s General Manager at The Fire Station Hannahville.

Meet Marsha.

Marsha Moffett began employment at The Fire Station Cannabis Co. as a Receptionist at the Negaunee location in October 2019. Now, she’s General Manager at The Fire Station in Hannahville, Michigan.

In this article, we get to know Marsha and hear her thoughts and perspective on the cannabis industry and on products and customers at The Fire Station. To read more content like this, check out our digital spring catalog.

Industry / Work Related Questions

Why did you choose to work for the Fire Station?

“I’ve been friends with the owners since college. We worked together in the past and they thought to ask me to work with them once more, and I figured, why the heck not? That sounds FUN! Since Negaunee, I watched the state rules and legislation change rapidly and was happy to be part of a company that cared enough to be real movers and shakers in the industry.”

How long have you been working for the Fire Station?

“I began as a receptionist at the Negaunee store in October 2019.”

If you could describe the culture of The Fire Station in 3 words, what would they be?

“Supportive, innovative, and diverse.”

Why did you choose to work in the cannabis industry?

“I feel like the cannabis industry chose me! I’ve always loved trying new things and have wanted to be a part of the industry from the jump, knowing that I could be part of destigmatizing cannabis and educating communities in its practical applications. I’ve worked with the public in every job I’ve ever had; I really love having that engagement with a community, especially if I can help educate them and find a product that will help them with whatever ails them. I also love getting to know and spend time with the employees across all locations.”

Favorite thing about working in the cannabis industry?

“I feel like every day I work there is something new, it’s never boring, and it’s always rewarding. I enjoy being part of the rapid growth of our company and seeing part-time budtenders gather a lot of professional development and move into different roles. We certainly put our aces in their places!”

What is a common misconception people have about working at a marijuana retail establishment?

“Folks are unaware of what goes on behind the scenes to get the product to them. Between the testing, the shipping, the inventory, the regulations, there’s a lot more to it than one would think! It’s not as simple as someone driving us a truck full of weed and throwing it on the sales floor. There are a lot of moving parts to get them the safe, tested product they get to go home with!”

What did you least expect about working in cannabis?

“I’m a pretty go-with-the-flow type person, so in general I would say I’m not typically surprised by shifts and changes. But if I had to pick something, I would say the vast customer base we have. There are folks from all walks of life and all ages that walk into our store, whether they are a cannabis enthusiast already, or it’s something that they are simply curious about and open to trying. You never really know who’s going to come check out the budroom next, and that always makes for an interesting work day.”

Personal Life Questions

How many siblings do you have?

“I have 3 younger brothers, they are my best friends!”

What is your favorite hobby?

“I love painting, crocheting, video games, and cooking for my loved ones. I also have a boyfriend (Jordan), 3 cats and a German Shepard, they fill me up with love and endless entertainment.”

What other industries have you worked in before?

I worked in retail for a few years in college, then went into the hospitality industry waiting tables and bartending for most of my twenties. I had a short stint as a Rural Mail Carrier with USPS, as well, before I moved into the cannabis industry.

What do you like about living in the U.P.?

After college, I took advantage of the opportunity to travel abroad and spend extended periods of time in South America. I didn’t realize how much I loved being a Yooper until people I’d meet would ask me about where I’m from. I quickly noticed how animated I would get talking about the small towns connected by long stretches of highway meandering through the beautiful wilderness and lakes that surround them. I think what I appreciate most is how much of an untouched part of America we have here, and how we maintain so much commerce and life during the long winters. A little (or A LOT) of snow doesn’t keep us down!

Customer / Product Related Questions

What is something you would say to someone coming into The Fire Station for their first time?

“I generally give an exuberant greeting to welcome them into the store. I like to see where people are traveling from and build a relationship with them to better tailor their experience with us. People are fascinating! What kind of experience are they looking for? I’m happy to guide them to it.”

What are some of your favorite products?

“I’m a big fan of the WYLD gummies, the PROPER bath bombs and topicals, and the Cali-Blaze infused joints. I’ve really been enjoying Peninsula Gardens’ flower, as well.”

Favorite strain? Sherb Pie.”

Favorite way to consume? Joints.”

Favorite brand of products? Peninsula Gardens!”

Do you have any advice for what someone should say to their budtender?

“I believe we can best help if we know right where your tolerance, personal knowledge, and experience level is for cannabis. Knowing where to start and meeting people where they’re at is the most effective way we can educate them and recommend the best products for the experience they seek.”

What do you love about 420? 

“On the retail side, it reminds me of working at a busy restaurant. The chaos, the noises, the excitement! Having a well-oiled machine of a team is satisfying and the time flies because we have so much fun. I love how excited our clientele get about the great deals we have and the experience they will get celebrating 420 in their own way.”

The Fire Station in Hannahville, Michigan. The Fire Station is a Michigan-based cannabis dispensary.

More About The Fire Station Cannabis Co.

The Fire Station Cannabis Co. is a family owned retail company that operates across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Owned by two U.P. residents — Logan Stauber and Stosh Wasik — The Fire Station prides itself in being a local business that provides exceptional customer service and excellent pricing on cannabis products. The company was established in 2019 and currently has eight retail locations across the U.P.: Hannahville, Houghton, Iron River, Ishpeming, Marquette, Munising, Negaunee, and Sault Ste. Marie.

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