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Family Business: Meet The Bojos

The Fire Station Cannabis Company is a family business. Meet the Bojorquezs.

Meet the Bojos - James, Patti and Alexis

At The Fire Station, we refer to ourselves as the “Fire Fam” because it truly feels like working with family. For some, like the Bojorquezs aka the Bojos – James, Patti, and Alexis – that is actually true.

The father, mother, and daughter trio have been employed at The Fire Stations for a few years, each working in different roles at different locations. In this article, we learn more about them as a co-working family.


Meet James, husband and father

“I’m James, aka Bojo aka OG Bojo, husband and father in the Bojorquez crew. On July 1, I will be employed at The Fire Station for 3 years. My journey at TFS began at our original store in Negaunee and now I’m the General Manager at TFS Munising. I started as Budtender/Security and was promoted to Lead Budtender/Lead Packer, then promoted to Assistant Store Manager. Believe me, I didn’t always get promoted the first time I applied for positions. I just kept working toward my goals and gained knowledge that bettered myself for when I got the next opportunity. 

I have lived in the U.P. for 13 winters. I was born and raised in Saugus, California, the northernmost part of Los Angeles. (Weeds and Santa Clarita Diet were filmed there along with many other shows and movies.) My wife, P-Bojo, is a Native Yooper. We worked together at Red Lobster. Her Yooper accent sucked me in. In 2010, we moved back to the U.P. Growing up I was always fascinated with the Great Lakes, so I couldn’t wait to get here. I am so glad I did. It’s not called ‘God’s Country’ for nothing.

Covid really opened the door for me. I visited the TFS Negaunee location and recognized some familiar faces. They encouraged me to apply. And at that time it felt like a career for me. I’ve been a medical patient/caregiver since 2008. But what really made me want to work at TFS was after being hired I got to see our Co-Owners, Stosh and Logan, in action. They are leaders. They could walk into any situation and not even need to ask questions. They would find a hole and would fill it. Didn’t matter the position, they did whatever needed to be done without taking over the flow. That is one thing that new hires don’t necessarily get to be a part of and witness, which is why I hold myself to such a high standard to our ‘Above and Beyond Customer Service’ policy. Stosh and Logan set that standard from the get go. My professional goal is to continue that leadership style and let people know this is an example of what our founders of TFS established as a locally owned and operated company.”   

The Fire Station Cannabis Company is a family business. Meet James Bojorquez.

James, voted by his family members:

  • Funniest
  • Most chill
  • The one with the most TFS merch
  • The “hard worker”
  • Most likely to have a smile on their face


Favorite way to consume: Bongs and blunts

Favorite product at TFS: Tight race between Superior Selections, Binske, and Goldkine.

Something you think that customers may not know about TFS? “Many people don’t know about our free U.P. wide delivery service, or that they can sign up for our loyalty program and save money.”

Meet Patti, wife and mother

“I’m Patti, but most people know me as Patti Bojo or P-Bojo. I’m the wife of James Bojo (we just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary in April 2023) and the proud mother of Lexi Trombley.

I started working with The Fire Station by volunteering as the Food and Beverage Coordinator for all of the food trucks at Camp Cannabis. I officially started at TFS Marquette in November 2022 as a Curbside Budtender, and I just recently started at TFS Negaunee as Lead Budtender.

I’m a born and raised Yooper! I grew up in Gladstone, Michigan, before moving to Los Angeles, California for a few years. I worked as a server/bartender and fell in love with a co-worker named Bojo. We moved back to Marquette in 2010 and have been here ever since.

Watching my husband and daughter come home from work everyday, and loving their job was what originally made me want to work for TFS. Volunteering at Camp Cannabis sealed the deal. I have never worked with a more talented, refreshing, caring, hard working, supportive group of people, ever.

Working at TFS and being able to help so many different people everyday makes my heart happy. I never dreamed I’d be helping people achieve a better quality of life on a daily basis. Everyone smiles on their way out. Any Fire Station employee that I’ve met feels more like family than a colleague. The warm welcoming environment at every store just makes you feel at home.

Working with my family feels familiar. James and I spent almost a decade in the service industry serving tables together. When Lex was finally old enough, she was required to help also and had the pleasure of having her mom as her boss.

My most memorable experience at TFS so far has to be watching Sublime at Camp Cannabis. The feeling of accomplishment that I know I was sharing with so many other Fire Station employees at that moment, made me forget all about the cold weather!”

The Fire Station Cannabis Company is a family business. Meet Patti Bojorquez.

Patti, voted by her family members:

  • The “rule maker”
  • The “social butterfly”
  • Most likely to max out their cart
  • Most likely to have a smile on their face

Favorite way to consume: Joints

Favorite product at TFS: Any infused Cali-blaze joint and Chill Medicated topical

Something you think that customers may not know about TFS? “That we have a free U.P. wide delivery service!”

Meet Alexis, daughter

“I’m Alexis, daughter of James and Patti. I’ve been employed at The Fire Station for almost one year at our Negaunee location. I started as a Receptionist, then transitioned to Budtender, while still helping as a Receptionist. After that, I got a Lead Budtender position and was just recently promoted to Lead Delivery Dispatch.

I’ve lived in the U.P. for 18 years, but what made me want to work at The Fire Station is that I wanted to learn more about cannabis and what better way than for a locally-owned cannabis company.

The Fire Station as a company has so many amazing people that it makes my job easy. I send one text in our employee communications platform and get five back! I enjoy the customer base and seeing some of the same faces everyday. My favorite part of the job is when a customer comes back to tell me that what I recommended worked for them.

Since my first day here I was welcomed in very easily and I’ve had quite a few people take me under their wing and have helped me grow in tremendous ways. I’ve learned so much that I can now share with others in my life.

I love working with my family! We are all extremely different and have many different ideas that we can just bounce off of each other. It kind of makes things flow as well.

My most memorable experience at The Fire Station is definitely the company Christmas party! Getting to see everyone get to socialize in a way that you don’t normally get to see was such a refreshing experience.”

The Fire Station Cannabis Company is a family business. Meet Alexis Trombley.

Alexis, voted by her family members:

  • Most likely to arrive to work too early
  • Most likely to recommend your favorite product
  • Most likely to have a smile on their face

Favorite way to consume: Bongs or joints

Favorite product at TFS: Any and all indica flower

Something you think that customers may not know about TFS? “That deliveries come from only Negaunee.”


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