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What kind of flower should I buy?

Buying cannabis flower is an experience. No matter where you are in your cannabis journey, it is never a bad idea to step back and reevaluate. There are consistently new grows, new strains, and even new consumption methods. Right now a geneticist might be doing a phenotype run and creating your future favorite strain.

All great adventures begin somewhere, and knowing the destination helps us to plan out the experience. Picking up for a social event, or for your supply at home? Trying out our canna-butter recipe on page nine? Join us on a journey to find the best product for you!

I want to enjoy with friends

Pass to the left! If you’re going to be out with friends, look for ready to smoke options, or options that can be consumed in one setting by a group of people.

Pre-rolls come ready to enjoy, or with a little work, a pre-packed eighth and bong is perfect to be passed around. Infused pre-rolls are also available for more seasoned groups.

Product types: Pre-Rolls, Infused Pre-Rolls, Pre-Packed

I'm stocking up for summer

Everyone needs a bud to come home to! If you’re stocking up, bigger is better. When you buy in larger quantities such as ounces or half ounces, often you will save money with price breaks. 

Infused pre-rolls and pre-packed options help to mix things us, as your body can get accustomed to certain strains. Changing what you smoke will keep your high fresh.

Product types: Bulk, Infused Pre-Rolls, and Pre-Packed

I want to get creative!

Baking or trying to make concentrates? Shake comes in slightly different consistencies, but can be ideal for baking. Otherwise buying flower in bulk gives you the ability to control how finely ground the flower is for baking or using in a press.

Product types: Shake/Bulk

I'm looking to fly high solo

Shopping for one? Don’t forget to treat yourself! An infused option always leads to higher outcomes. If you want something still potent but a little less intimidating, a pre-packed eighth should be more your speed. Pre-packaged eighths usually offer the most variety in terms of strains and grows.

Product types: Infused Pre-Rolls and Pre-Packed

Fluresh Purple Marmalade Flower

Purple Marmalade is a clear high that uplifts mood and enhances creativity, with berry honey taste and skunky cheese aroma.

Glacier Cannabis Cold Snap Flower

This exclusive Glacier-hunted phenotype has insane terpenes with a profile rich in ocimene, making for a very unique experience.

Waypoint Skull Shine Hash Infused Pre-Roll

A 1g blend of 75% flower to 25% live bubble hash, offering a delectable taste, smooth pull, and naturally heightened potency!

Flower Glossary

Pre-Rolls: In the end, all that separated us was a lighter. Every adventurer needs their sword, and every cannabis enthusiast should have their pre-roll. Pre-rolls are your go-to for an accessible, ready to smoke option. Great for large and small groups alike, you can’t really go wrong if you ended up here. 

Pre-Packed: Just how adventurers can pick a toolkit for their travels, pre-packaged eighths give you the equipment you need. Pre-packaged eighths offer the greatest variety in terms of strains, grows, and price. If this is the route you chose, just know that with a couple pre-packs, you’ll be prepared for anything. Perfect for larger groups, smaller groups, or spicing up your bulk order!

Infused Pre-Rolls: Is that a staff of magical lightning, or is that an infused pre-roll? Even the most seasoned smokers will be shocked at how potent some infused pre-rolls can be. Unleash the full power of an infused at the end of your adventure, or share it with your companion. Either way, infused pre-rolls unlock the cannabinoids to make you feel like you’re a brand new wizard.

Bulk: You don’t need to be a dragon to have your own hoard of gold! Stocking up for an adventure or for at home is a great way to save some of your own gold in the process. Whether you’re baking, making concentrates, replenishing the inventory, or gearing up to tackle the dungeon, bulk options are cost effective to build up your own reserves. Make Puff, the Magic Dragon, jealous with your own stash!

Shake: Shake can look very differently from batch to batch, but that is because shake is the byproduct of trimming the plant for packaging. Just how a sword can be forged from the scraps of iron from other projects, you can craft some concentrates or bake THC cookies with the shake you pick up. Shake gives you the raw materials needed to mold the creations you imagine into life.

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